An online programme for leaders and managers

Culture Starts With You

Find out how building a strong team culture starts with you taking time to understand yourself,  your values and your purpose. 


As leaders we often forget to look after ourselves

We work long hours, don't take lunch breaks and deprioritise our own learning and development.

Then we look up and wonder why our teams are overwhelmed and burnt out.

If you want to create a team culture where there is

  • A clear vision and purpose
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Collaboration

The place to start is to find your vision, values and purpose. To stop and reflect on what is holding you back. Then to take action to help you step up and have more impact as a leader.

In this online programme we will give you a tool to help take stock and assess where you are, where you want to get to and the steps you need to take to get there. The three modules will help you will learn how to...

MODULE 1 - OPEN UP to yourself and give yourself space and time to rest, recover, dream and create new things

MODULE 2 - SHOW UP with curiosity, kindness and excitement. Learn how to be present and harness the power of each moment.

MODULE 3 - STEP UP and take action that will bring you closer to your hopes and dreams. 

Meet your trainer

Hi, I'm Emily Petty one of the founders of the Supporter Experience Collective

I help fundraising leaders and managers overcome fear of failure and self-doubt. I help them walk comfortably with themselves, helping them lead themselves first, then rise up as leaders. Enabling them to have an impact, live a life of meaning and create a work culture that enables others to succeed.

I do this through my three step framework - rise up. Helping you open up to yourself and your emotions, show up in the world with curiosity and kindness and step up to take action so you can rise up with confidence and have an impact in the world.

Access this THREE week training for just £148

You will have access to three online learning modules to work through in your own time along with downloadable workbooks and other resources.


So, are you ready to see a change in your team culture?

Are you ready to start with you?

This is your chance. You could keep going feeling overwhelmed and on the edge of burn out. Or you could take a step today to change how your lead others by starting with leading yourself.

Join the programme TODAY.


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